Committee Description Chairman / Co-Chairs
Education and Professional Development The committee shall develop and coordinate educational program for the unit including at least one public workshop per year. The committee shall also establish ongoing training modules and examinations aimed at assisting it’s credentialed members to maintain and grow their parliamentary skill set. Dan Brown, PRP
Membership and Retention Committee The committee shall promote the recruitment of new unit members and the retention of current members in conformity with the goals and objectives of the unit for membership and growth where such goals are articulated. In accordance with said responsibility, the membership committee may host recruitment drives, events, campaigns, and other such strategies toward accomplishing it’s goal. The membership committee may also host testing events aimed at transitioning provisional members to full members of NAP, in accordance with NAP rules. This does not preclude any other member of NAP from proctoring the NAP membership examination for an individual or group of individuals, nor any credentialed member from proctoring an exam for an individual or group of individuals seeking credentialing. The membership committee should work in conjunction with the education and professional development committee to seek assistance in developing successful strategies that may assist provisional members in successfully navigating the NAP membership exam Greg Delts, PRP
Deena Sellers
Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media Committee The committee shall create and manage the unit’s content and presence on digital, social media and print platforms. This committee shall consist of a Chairman and subcommittee Co-Chairs who manage each component. Subcommittee Co-Chairs shall be selected by the committee chair. Taniqua Hunter, RP
Credentialing Committee The committee shall organize and manage cohorts of unit members who are interested in becoming credentialed. The credentialing committee shall work in conjunction with the Education Committee in developing successful strategies toward accomplishing this goal.  
Social Outreach Committee The committee shall coordinate and conduct those programs that promote the understanding of Roberts’ Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure. The Social Outreach Committee may also organize such other social action events that will help to increase the presence and visibility of the unit and work in conjunction with the Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media Committee to effectively do so. Kathleen Daniel
Conference and Convention Planning Committee The committee shall keep the unit abreast of all NAP training conference and conventions and coordinate strategy to ensure that the unit has the maximum number of delegates and members in attendance at every conference. Tanya Crockett, PRP
Social and Hospitality Committee The committee shall be responsible for coordinating social events for the unit aimed at increasing the unit’s presence and visibility. The committee shall also be responsible for organizing and coordinating the receiving and hosting of any VIPs of NAP or otherwise. The committee will also take care of the hospitality ad collation of unit meetings and events as deemed appropriate by the unit and the board.  
Fundraising Committee The committee shall be responsibe for coordinating successful strategies and events aimed at helping the unit successfully reach it’s financial and budgetary objectives. The Fundraising Committe should work in consultation with the Budget Committee Chairman so that the strategies ite employs may successfully meet the unit’s financial goals. Beryl Miles, RP
Undergraduate Affairs Committee The committee shall be responsible for the outreach, recruitment, and support of the collegiate members of the unit. The committee shall host at least one undergraduate invitational annually, unless specified by the unit or the board. Zach West, PRP
Survey, Feedback and Best Practices Committee The committee shall have the sole responsibility of surveying and assessing any meeting, event or function of the unit and providing that feedback to the event chair, unit and board. Diana Duncan, PRP
Bylaws The Bylaws Committee shall review all submitted amendments and edit for composition. The committee shall also submit proposed amendments to the members together with the committee’s recommendation for actions. Jeannine Hunte, PRP
Budget Committee   Roland Williams, PRP
Audit Committee